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Lukas Rosenberger

About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at LMU Munich. My research spans economic growth, economic history, and innovation. In my dissertation, I research human capital and technological progress during Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution.

During the academic year 2021–2022, I am visiting Northwestern University (invited by Joel Mokyr). Previously, I have visited Brown University from January to May 2020 (invited by Oded Galor).

I am available for interviews during the virtual EEA meeting and the virtual ASSA/AEA meeting.

Bio: [curriculum vitae]

Contact: lukas.rosenberger(a)econ.lmu.de


Job Market Paper

Invention and Technological Leadership during the Industrial Revolution [Paper]
  with Carl Hallmann and Emre E. Yavuz (Northwestern)

Abstract This paper provides the first empirical cross-country evidence on inventive activity during the Industrial Revolution. Idiosyncrasies in the French historic patent law allow us to compare invention rates in Britain and France across sectors based on French patent data from 1791 to 1855. Our key result is a robust, positive association of invention rates in Britain and France at the sectoral level. Furthermore, we provide the first quantitative evidence on technological leadership in invention at the sectoral level. The evidence informs a debate about whether the acceleration of technological progress during the Industrial Revolution mainly was a British or a European achievement, which has implications for theories of growth and innovation.

Work in progress

Knowledge, Education, and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Enlightenment in France
  with Uwe Sunde (LMU Munich).  

Napoleon’s schools: Education and Invention during the Industrial Revolution in France